Before you go

Sleeping Outdoors Will Be Uncomfortable And Inconvenient Since you are far away from the shelter of your home, you will really have to say goodbye for a while to the soft bed and air conditioned room that you are familiar with, but it does not mean you cannot enjoy the same level of comfort and convenience that they offer. Well-made camping tents are stable and provide good shelter, and high quality camping beds can be just as good as the one you have back at home. There are also portable air cooling and heating tools especially designed for camping trips.

Rajasthan has a number of stunning and opulence heritages in the form of its culture and culture of any state includes its traditions, rituals and its festivals. These traditions, rituals and festivals of Rajasthan are very exclusive, vibrant and colorful. Rajasthan has the most conventional culture in India. These vibrant colors of the traditional Rajasthan provide harmony and peace to the hard and tedium lives of the Thar people.

You should also bring a travel sized alarm clock. There’s no guarantee that the concierge will remember your wake-up call to get you to your early morning bus on time. Don’t carry a lot of money around with you. Obviously, you should carry a small amount, but don’t bring more than you’ll need in a given day. You can protect your cash by using traveler’s checks. You always have the option of exchanging them for cash as needed. It is also a good idea to bring a credit card with you. Take one that is recognized all over the world, and leave the others behind.

Owing to this very fact, the hotel has become one of the most professionally managed hotels around the city. The hotel is strategically located from the perspective of tourism and international tourists of various nationalities throng this place all year round. In fact, 90% of the occupants are invariably international tourists. It also merits a mention that the hotel has always enjoyed a steady and consistent occupancy of 80% which is an exemplary feat in the industry.