Cameroon Vacation


Departure to reserve Ja – first by good paved road and then a dirt road. Picnic Esiengbot (Essiengbot), then directly goes into the biosphere reserve Jha (Dja) and stop Somalomo (Somalomo). Accommodation in pension Ekofak or Minihotel in Batelemi (Bathelemy). Hosts are local people who will meet with local food, traditional dances and overnight. This element of our program is realized under a program for the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources.

After breakfast it shall walk to the main road where you left the first day. Thence by car to travel to Mom – Forest village with great local importance, located in the reserve Jha. This will put the tents for the night. In this village people live Baka and will have the opportunity to spend some time in their society. These are the tribes of pygmies, who are the indigenous inhabitants of the African tropical equatorial forest. Their way of life is partly nomadic and partly sedentary. We can not experience respect for their knowledge of nature and harmony with nature, the sharpness of their senses and how fast they climb (barefoot) in huge trees to collect honey for example. They mimic very accurately wildlife as sounds that issue. You will be able to monitor how ingenious fish and how looking fruit in the forest. The healer of the tribe will tell you and demonstrate traditional methods of treatment. You will be able to hear their stories about the past, their beliefs and how they imagine the modern world.

Before leaving the reserve will go through beautiful rock for a last look at the virgin forest, where you will also enjoy traveling through the forests of Sasertusan (Sasertusan). This part of the forest is an extraordinary model of the evolution of the forest in the main tropical forest where no human intervention, a testimony to the history of nature that will transform you. Lunch at the Duomo Peter (Doumo Peter) – another village on the outskirts of the reserve. You will see a typical vegetation – raffia (palm variety) trees with root system naizvan soil, air, covered with orchids and other plants, lianas linking various plants and trees. Follows three hour trip by car to the village Mimpala (Mimpalla), where you will wait for the carriers to join them. Across the river by canoe and after 45 minutes you will arrive at the Duomo Stone (Duomo Stone), where you will spend the night. This is Legion, which has 6 villages and found where large populations of great apes. The territory covers 36,000 hectares in recent years come here researchers from Belgium, from Antwerp Zoo, studying the lifestyle of chimpanzees and western lowland gorilla. The local population of 6 villages contribute actively in this study. This is part of the program for the study of nature and its preservation with the active participation of the local population being trained to protect vegetation and wildlife in order to further preserve the balance in the forest. For similar reasons, hunting is allowed only in places strictly limited quantity of only the needs of the food.